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Inheritance of Evilness

by Hail

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Ancient black death metal.


released December 10, 2003

Dirtmaster: Earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Hammers, Lightnings, Axes, Sinister Invocations, Black Death Metal, Skullrumpus upon the Burial Grounds, Barbarism

Kutcheck Gorealis: Invocation Into Satan's Glory, Black Death Metal War Screams, General Disassociative Chaos, Flaming Oil Flasks, Iron Forge
A Rot-yearner: The Chord that Heralds His Glory
L.Lindqvist: Conjuring the Depictions
J.Foss: Sound of the Ascendant Evilness

CD 2003, Barbarian Wrath
DLP 2008, AAP/Northern Heritage
Digipak CD 2017, Triumphant Transgressions


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Let The Wolves Lead You To Satan's Glory
I'm wandering near the woods at night - only the stars in the sky are my guidance
A pair of red eyes glow in the bushes - the howling of a wolf calls me to follow
I follow him through the swamps of the woods until I enter an open area
There a shadowy figure with a robe and a mace awaits me and with a low voice yells:

"Welcome to this shrine, dedicated to His glory! He saw you coming, he was the wolf that led you here, he was the swamp you walked, he is the owl in the night and the screams you can hear in the graveyards... He wants you to join the darkside, to walk in His glorious roads, to be in his forces not as a slave but a warrior of his mystical goals and purposes...and to forget your useless past life."

I accept this offer and drink from the chalice - and feel great mutations inside
Then a strange light occurs - and a doorway to a great hall (under the ground) opens!

On the walls of the hall are hanging bodies of shredded untermensch,
And the Ubermensch barbarian warriors are copulating the withes possessed
Standing near the grand throne are the priests and necromancers in trance,
waiting for the master
And when the hour strikes, Satan appears and all salute Him!

Growls of inhumane hails me and the barbarians, warriors, and witches welcome to the feast
Stench of dead overwhelms me and the skeletons, zombies, and ghouls lurk in the surroundings
Breath of bestiality shivers me when the wolves, owls, and serpents sound their presence
And the necromancers stand proudly next to the sinister Father, Satan!

After the feasting, Satan levitates into the woods and the necromancers ride their wolves
The owls fly and the hordes run with the speed of wind following him towards great the vastness
Track Name: The War Must Go On
We were brutalous men, and we were sent to war
We might have been hopeless, yet hope we didn't seek
War was the chosen path, the (only) way for man to reach his peak
And for all the loving of the jewish gOD, we will take a leak

Glorious is the way of war, wherever it will lead
For all the so-called happiness of world it wouldn't I ever trade

Here from the bushes, come the legions
Relying not on anything but pure Might
For Might is Right! nd Life is Fight!

The horses' breath steams in the autumn night
And the fullmoon's shining bright
Many men and horses will die tonight
But they all died in Fight

Had no time for soul-searching questions
Got to hone this war-machine
Putrify the spirit and strengthen the corpse!

The ambush took them all unaware
Many of the enemies died
The rest were captured, raped, or sent away...

Many of my brothers died, too, and I grieve for that
But they died in Battle, and for me, the War must go on.
Track Name: Earth's Historical Might Inheritance Prophecy
In the beginning of the Earth there was darkness and the one and only master (Satan)
Fires and lavas, mighty explosions, the Earth was crumbling
Several years passed by and were followed by solitary rumpus
Cosmic radiation from outer space touched the dark planet

Suddenly, on this planet, lifeforms were born
Primitive life, the survival of the strongest, the primeval code of life
Arrival of bacterium cult was witnessed by the Gods of War (Science)
They were thrilled by the horror of these Abominations
Dinosaurs reigned upon the Earth and then the mammals came
Barbarick hordes of pre-human warriors began rising from the grounds

The unmarital birth of Hercules took its place
Musckles and steel were revered by the contemporaries
Then was born the bastard called jesus christ
So Satan had to make special arrangements
People were warned of this jesus, Satan informed the Rome
And thus this petty hazard was taken care of

But this dealt hazard turned out to be a real troublemaker
(pain in the eye, the corrupted cunt)

Then this jesus christ started spreading the plague
Disgusting terror of YHVH was implanted to the mankind
The white death of cross established among people
Banners of the sheep infecting the (Barbaryan) soil

Inflation of noble values!

A few individuals who could resist this oppression
Worked occultly but some of them were burned..
In esoteric crypts Satan was Worshipped
The god of those who refuse to be enslaved

The Barbaric Hordes evoke the Powers against the sickness!!!

The End of the Middle Age brought Upheavals and Innovations in Science
Morbid astronomers received information from Space
About the vastness of World and the Daemonick Phenomena in the sky
Their ideas opposed the doctrines of the church

This new Age restarted the natural course of evolution
After the time of dementia when everything was dead
But even this renewal couldn't end the YHVH-plague
The sheep still run free causing havoc to the minds of men
But Satan's curse will come and Barbaryans shall inherit the Earth
And the brutal cults of true lifeforce are re-evoked

In these times one should be disciplined
To react to the calling of Satan
To get rid of all the nonsense
To strengthen the spiritual Wisdom
To follow the one true Master
To vanquish the social self
To erase the throne of self-pity
To Conquer the Castle of Might!

The Übermensch-qualities defined
And dominion of jesus declined
the Hellish powers refined
From within yourself you'll find

Track Name: Unholy Funeral
Merciless slaughter
On the altar of darkness
The demons are rattling their swords
The battle started
In the bowels of the earth
(In the bowels of the Tartarus)
Blasphemous warcries, leper sound
Miasma of a damned soul
The graves are opened

The time stopped
The psalms sound
The abyssis reign of blasphemy
The pleasure of sin, last invocation to thy

The bloody revenge boiled
Pain, hate for them
Who will not see the light again
The darkness is ruling
No mercy to the sacrilege dogs
Fire and leper-curse to them
Black mass, unholy invocation
Last confession, ultimate pain
Track Name: Black Death Metal Warrior
Axe in my hand, wounds in my body,
behind is my hair and battles in front,
but wherever I'll go, metals on my mind.

No worries for the future, let Satan guide,
live in the presence, learn from the past,
wherever my journey will end, Deaths on my mind.

I'm a Black Death Metal Warrior of Satan and I yearn for the old times of Darkness,
when men were all vigorous and barbarious and never to be slaves like today.
Of nature and purity the Men grew strong and were able to accomplish their dreams,
guided by Loving Gods, Ukko and Satan they lived strong and wealthy to the End.

I'm a Black Death Metal Warrior of Earth and I yearn for the Ancient times,
when Men in their shrines performed black magick rites to gain strenght and feel intensified.
And this way they could be one with the universe and see the worlds beyond.
...To release their bestial desires, to slaughter their enemies to death.

I'm a Black Death Warrior of Cosmos, and I yearn for the knowledge and truth,
for the universe has many secrets to unfold, but of which many will not ever know...
But still in the light of the fullmoon's gaze I ponder about the universe, the stars, the galaxies, the endless worlds and how I will one day get there -
for a black death metal warrior is curious and powered by Satanic desire,
to always seek for the Might and the New and never to feel bored like the slaves.
A black death metal warrior of Satan does not have time for vanities, only high priority of death is in his minds and respect for his gods of ancient times.

I'm a Black Death Metal Warrior, and I yearn for the ancient times,
when steel decided and might was right and gods were the rulers...
When a man could walk the mountains, the woods, the shores of no-man's land,
and to equip with weapon of his choice and to use it when the time was to hunt or to battle!
Track Name: Barbaryan (Finland)
Barbaryan Finland on the travellers mind
Journey that began from south will end up north
The Finnish firs carry memories from distant, ancient past
that, like me, and these melodies shall be blown away with the wind, at last

The snow is falling... but I am not
The wind is wailing, merciless - mercy I seek not
Through the harsh climate the journey goes on
Facehair dressed with frost
Send here the seven winds of emptiness
Send here the tales of might
Power I shall find in solitude
& in mysteries of Day and Night

In the hills, the sylvan ranges, the plains (my) spirit will always be
These times, and the ways of fellow men may not all be right -
But this vigorous & sublime man condescending cause of that you won't see!

The watchful eye of Ukko
and the breathing presence of Satan
Under the bright stars & Galaxies
The return to this homeland
only makes me stronger

The tail that waved in the bushes welcomed the Barbaryan....

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